Friday, 21 September 2012

Next Amber Army Blog Update

Many apologies for the lack of Newport County blogs for the Barrow game last week and the Southport game tomorrow.  Unfortunately, the challenges of work have prohibited me from being able to do the necessary preparation work to write the blogs.  However, this period has now come to an end and the next blog will therefore be posted on Monday morning previewing the away fixture at Telford on Tuesday.

I have now made significant progress in compiling and organising statistics relating to Newport County goals over the past 24 seasons and some of these statistics will be used in the blog on Monday.  However, as a taster, did you know that the most league goalscorers that Newport County have ever had in a single season is 19.  This occurred on 3 occasions:

  • 1998-1999 in the Southern League Midland (Finished 2nd; promoted)
  • 1999-2000 in the Southern League Premier (Finished 7th)
  • 2010-2011 in the Conference Premier (Finished 9th)

Consequently, despite having 19 different scorers in a single season on three occasions, County only actually got promoted on one of the occasions.  In comparison, have a look at the top four league scorers in a season for County:

  • 32 Ceri Williams in 1994-1995 Southern League Midland (Champions; promoted)
  • 29 Karl Bayliss in 1998-1999 Southern League Midland (2nd; promoted)
  • 24 Craig Reid in 2009-2010 Conference South (Champions; promoted)
  • 23 Chris Lilygreen in 1989-90 Hellenic Premier (Champions; promoted)

A clear statistical pattern therefore emerges – it is not the number of players who score that makes the difference; it is the number of goals that your leading striker gets that makes the difference.

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